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{ANEKA} OXFORD Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th Edition

RM 75.90

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: Paperback + DVD + Premium Online Access Code




Published: January 22, 2015 

Author: Oxford University Press 

Binding: paperback 

Version: 9 

Dimensions: 23.3x 15.5x 5.1 Weight: 1580G 


Oxford High-order English Dictionary is a high-order English learning dictionary compiled for people from non-English-speaking countries in the world. It has been holding the trend of the world for more than half a century, so far, 30 million copies have been issued. The 9th edition of Oxford higher level learning dictionary is an English-English Dictionary, which is also a very popular dictionary for higher level learners. It can be called the tool of oral English and writing, and is suitable for college students of English. But its value is far more than preparing for CET-4, CET-6, postgraduate English and other important English tests. This dictionary will play a more practical role in English-related work after English students graduate. Once owned, lifelong benefits 

☆ It includes 185000 words, phrases and their meanings, and only uses 3,000 common words to explain them, which is a high level of English application. 

☆ English-English Dictionary, all explained in English, will not lead to misunderstanding due to differences between English and Chinese. 

☆ rich etymology, phrase collocation and idioms are included, which is helpful to expand language knowledge. 

☆ DVD and online resources: the brand-new "Oxford Oral tutor" and Oxford iSpeaker have powerful functions such as practicing dialogue, learning, recording and evaluating oral english ability. Future oral test, oral report, english dialogues can proceed smoothly 

☆ DVD and online resources: "Oxford writing tutor" and Oxford iWriter, guide students to plan, write and check the writing content, and write papers, reports and business correspondence in the future, all without difficulty 

Note: Each dictionary is attached with a corresponding PIN code. You can log in to the online system and use online resources by yourself with the PIN code (after the verification code is activated, the service life of online resources is 5 years) 

Who said that the role of a dictionary is just to look up words? 

Oxford Advanced English Dictionary (9th edition) is your private foreign teacher. It can not only enlarge your vocabulary, but also help you improve your oral and writing skills. 

* "Oxford writing tutor" and Oxford iWriter, which can be installed and used online or DVD, guide students how to plan, write and check the writing content. 

* Express Yourself to help students use daily English correctly. 

* Synonym annotation helps students understand the different meanings and using contexts of similar words. 

* "Oxford 3000" keyword entry, explaining English words and their meanings. 

* Wordfinder Annotations list related words to helps

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