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3 Player Mahjong Set( 三人麻将)

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3 Player Mahjong Set三人麻将)

Mahjong is a game that is popular throughout the world. It originated in China and can be played in multiple variations. The game includes 88 tiles, all with various Chinese  characters and symbols printed or etched onto  them. Three-player mahjong is  played mostly in Japan, Korea and Malaysia. 

  • Three-player mahjong Complete
  • Mahjong tiles made in China
  • Material: Melamine`
  • Package: 88 tiles set including 4 blank tiles and 3 dice (Include 4 animal flower and 4(Fei) Joker) 
  • Chips are included
  • Mahjong Size :Size 37*28*22mm
  • Box Size: 24x29x5cm
  • Complimentary accessories: Chip, Zhuang ,Dice
  • Packing materials:Leather Box

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