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SPM Snakes & Ladders (SPM 102)

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SPM 102 Snakes & Ladders - 001027

This world famous game is actually derived from an ancient India origin game. The ladders symbolize progress and snakes symbolize discipline. This tried and true game has been around for ages and is world renowned for its simple rules. Children love this game as it provides excitement of climbing and falling when moving towards the 100 mark goal. With such roller coaster experience, playing this game sometimes generate feelings of joy and sadness at the same time. This game is great for young children and families to spend quality time together. The attractive packaging of this game makes a super good gift for birthday parties and special occasions.


  • High Quality 2mm Thick Playing Board.
  • Endless Excitement of Climbing and Falling.
  • Great For Family Fun Time.
  • Perfect Gift For Kids.
  • Perfect For Parties.
  • Suitable for ages 5 years old & above.


Box contains:
  • 1x playing board.
  • 1x set of multi coloured playing components.
  • 1x dice.

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