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Stapler HD- 11 FLK

RM 45.90


  • Max. stapler HD-11FLk (Vaimo 11). 
  • Uses exclusive MAX No.11 fine staplers which enables stapling 2 to 35 sheets with ease. 
  • Compact and ergonomic styling provides comfortable staping. 
  • Unique twin lever mechanism cuts staping effort by 50%. 
  • Enable to bend the staple end flat without deforming the clinched staple. 
  • Clean flat-clinch stapling finish. Reduces thickness.



  • HD-11FLK 35-sheet stapler features ultra-light, one-touch flat clinching action. Staples up to 35 sheets.

  • Twin lever mechanism cuts stapling effort by 50%.

  • Flat-clinch staple closes flat so papers stack neatly and evenly.

  • Top loads 100 staples.

  • Built-in staple remover.

  • Available colors: White & Blue.


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