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Wooden Stacking Block (Colour)

RM 25.90

  • A Fun game for kids
  • Color block stacking, stack-crashing game 
  • Comes with 54 wooden rectangular block/pieces 
  • Pull out a block and stack it kindly on the top without crashing the tower 
  •  Win by being the last player to remove a block without causing the stack to crash 
  •  Or the previous player crashed the tower while removing a block 
  • The game playing method is decided by throwing dices, what color you get and pull out one of the block based on what color you get from the dice 
  • Made of wood, offer heavy hand feeling and exquisite texture 
  • Helps to improve hand-eye cocrdination
  • Help kids to improve their imagination & creativity to build up different types of block (eg;castle, funny animals, plants,tower,etc) 
  • Also helps to improve their patience and perserverance without easily giving up

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